McCarren-ing On

Just the other night I was interviewed by a college student in regards to my history in Greenpoint for a paper she’s doing. I’d never been interviewed before (why would […]

Picture This

picture from I never really ventured past Greenpoint Avenue when I was a kid, other than the early years with my parents to go to the Chopin. Which reminds […]

Dr. Perv

Ew. Double ew. I mean really. Like going to the dentist isn’t bad enough you have to get molested and held captive by one? Dr. Neil Mate, 54, of Dental […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Bee’s, Greenpoint BK Originally uploaded by denisemapleho I cannot believe Socrates is closed! Fine, it wasn’t the classiest joint in the world but it was there forever. What’s next? Three […]

Creek Reek

It was quite the stench in the ‘hood when I got off that train yesterday. In fact I smelled it in the train station which made me think maybe there […]

Bikers Go Boom

The Daily News reports on the rise in bicycle related accidents in Greenpoint and Williamsburg this morning. And I’m actually happy to see that the stance is on the side […]

First Drop

First Drop Originally uploaded by shutterBRI Ah, busy weekend. After my bout with sickness, entertaining my little sister for the weekend and that whole not having internet at home thing […]

The Greenpoint 100

Art is good. Pass it on. THE GREENPOINT 100 is a small works show and art benefit for the Greenpoint branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, where all the work […]


I want to thank Gowanus Lounge for the shout out. Yesterday morning on my way to work I was entering the Greenpoint G train when I saw one of the […]