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About Nathan : ProfessionalI was introduced to the blockchain space in 2015 during the Ethereum Homestead release two years ago. I then founded Macroscape, a blockchain consulting company to advise companies on how to do their token launch. Macroscape is currently working with companies in spaces including, AI, hedge fund, film, and digital health. His strength in enrolling others in the blockchain space helps emerging blockchain companies build a community ecosystem.About Nathan: Personal I grew up in NJ and went to Cornell for Biological Sciences and Music. I then moved to NYC to practice music therapy in nursing homes and play music in the city. I wrote and performed a musical TV show, The Fabulous, a comedy similar to Rocky Horror meets Flight of the Concords, which is now being produced in NYC. I taught myself to code years ago and I have researched, architected, designed, coded, tested and supported too many websites, applications, and platforms to count.

Election Op Ed: Who Judges the Judges?

Greenpointers waiting in line to vote in November 2016. Photo: Julia Moak
Greenpointers waiting in line to vote in November 2016. Photo: Julia Moak

Editor’s Note: Tomorrow, Thursday September 13th is our state’s Primary Election day. We will be voting for candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Civil Court Judge. As this Brooklyn Daily Eagle article put it, “For the average voter, picking a judge can often be the hardest decision on the ballot as there is often a lack of information available about candidates as compared to races for executives and legislators.” Greenpoint resident and op-ed contributor Nathan Windsor became frustrated after attempting to find out more information about the judges on the ballot.

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The Future Was Here: Worlds Fair Nano Recap

World's Fair Nano - photo by Jessica Fejos
The floor was bustling at the World’s Fair Nano at the Brooklyn Expo Center. Photo by Jessica Fejos

“The future is here — it’s just not very evenly distributed,” wrote the venerated sci-fi writer, William Gibson.

That’s the key takeaway from the World’s Fair Nano that took place Sept 16-17 at the Brooklyn Expo Center here in Greenpoint. Emerging tech is like a nerd’s theme park: people are willing to pay $40-300 for tickets and then stand in line for 50 minutes to spend four minutes in a VR world. Bonkers.

The World’s Fair Nano is an offshoot of the World’s Fair, first originating in France in 1844. Each fair usually showcased “innovations of the future” which inspired the fair-goers to imagine the possibilities of life in the upcoming decades, and the Nano was no different. Continue reading

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