Greenpointers.com is a local resource for the thriving and growing Greenpoint community, providing information from a variety of contributors on happenings, events, food and culture.

With a local directory and easy to use calendar, Greenpointers is the go-to website to find out about weekly events in the area. Greenpointers.com also produces local events, like markets, dining and art events, fundraisers and classes.

Greenpointers was founded by Justine Carroll in 2007. Her hard work and dedication to the neighborhood built the strong foundation and following for this website. In September 2011, Greenpointers was purchased by Jennifer Galatioto. Since then, many new contributors have come aboard and a new website design was completed in April 2012.

Greenpointers.com is an online destination to find out about all things Greenpoint! Whether you are new to the neighborhood, visiting from out of town, grew up here, or moved away and want to check back, Greenpointers.com will keep you up to date with all the interesting happenings here, including events, food, drink, culture, art, music and community affairs.

Greenpointers.com is an online place where local contributors from a wide variety of backgrounds and talents have an outlet for stories and local information. While we are an online hyperlocal resource, our goal is that our efforts to communicate online lead to meet-ups and communication offline – in real life.

Aside from letting you know about events in the area, Greenpointers.com also creates fun events where you can have a great time and meet your neighbors in real life.

If you have tips or questions, or would like to contribute to the website, email greenpointers (at) gmail.com.