Greenpointers is the go-to hyperlocal resource for the community in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. From events, food, culture, news, politics, and more, and its various social media platforms is a central hub for delivering information and initiating important conversations among the members of the community.

Through its events, Greenpointers is also a neighborhood connector that brings people together around celebrating the creative ethos of the neighborhood and driving local commerce. Its seasonal markets draws thousands of visitors to the historic Greenpoint Loft where small businesses, indie makers, artisans, and crafters sell their unique creations. During the annual Greenpoint Open Studios, hundreds of artists and designers open up their studios and connect directly with the public to showcase their work. This weekend event draws tens of thousands of locals and visitors from abroad, packing the streets of North Brooklyn with art appreciators of all backgrounds.


Started in 2007 by Justice Carroll as a neighborhood blog, the strong foundation and following she built was taken a step further when Jennifer Galatioto purchased the website in 2011. In 2012, she updated the website, pulled in local contributors from a wide variety of backgrounds, launched the popular Greenpointers markets featuring independent artisans, and established Greenpointers as a respected cultural brand and hub for happenings in the neighborhood.

By the end of 2014, Jen was getting ready to move to the west coast and sold Greenpointers to local resident Julia Moak. Although she had no experience in journalism or events, Julia hit the ground running with writing, photography, and produced her first of many markets at the start of 2015. By continuing the momentum her predecessors started, Greenpointers has not only grown its audience substantially across various platforms, online and offline, but it has firmly established itself as a trusted news source and is one of the few remaining hyperlocal media outlets still in existence.


Greenpointers is committed to delivering news when it is most critical. We believe that trusted information is essential to the democratic process and community driven impact. At a time when local news is collapsing and misinformation is rampant, our hyperlocal focus gives us the ability to stay connected to the community we serve, online and offline. We are on the ground, living and breathing in the area that we serve and keeping an authentic pulse on what is happening.

Who We Are

Julia Moak, Publisher

Julia Moak is the Owner and Publisher of Greenpointers. She acquired Greenpointers at the end of 2014 and has worn many hats since as reporter, editor, illustrator, artist and producer of Greenpointers’ seasonal markets. She also resurrected Greenpoint Open Studios, a popular yearly event that has drawn over 400 participating local artists and thousands of visitors to the neighborhood. Previously, she worked as a product developer for 12 years during which she conceptualized, designed, and oversaw the launch of many web applications.

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  1. Thank you for listing our show, “Cut Up” on the Greenpointers website, but you have the wrong date for the opening . It is Friday, July 6th, 6-9 pm, not Thursday July 5th. Would you please change it?

    Thank you so much!

    Deborah Brown, owner/director
    Storefront Bushwick

  2. Can you please look into why the G train line is still without service? Understanding that the Newtown tunnel is flooded, why has the MTA not restored partial service? It is the only line other than the SIRR that is completely without service! Yet it runs through mostly unaffected neighborhoods. I would love to hear a MTA explanation but it seems like no one is asking.

  3. Greenpointers:
    I have a question.
    I recently found a picture of my old brass bed with the inscription “Greenpoint Metal Bed Co., Franklin Street, Brooklyn, NY.’
    Though my bed has no identifying names, the picture indicated the stock number was 313 and the date 1912.
    My Google searches have been fruitless.
    Can anyone provide details about the company, possible pictures of the company’s beds, or a link to help my research?
    Thank you for your time and interest.
    Respectfully submitted.

  4. Thank you Greenpoint,
    I am not a Greenpointer, only a wanna be. I spent the last few months living in The Box House Hotel while working in NY. I fell in love with you city and especially the neighborhood. It was a breath of fresh air to be removed from Big Boxes and chain restaurants that haunt the rest of the lands. Now I am back home in Colorado and missing Greenpoint. Three months was not enough, and I look forward to visiting again and being able to see what I had missed on the maiden voyage. I frequented the Habitat, Milk and Roses, Champion Coffee, The Black Rabbit Tavern, The Mark Bar, The Garden, Karczma, Paulie Gees, along with those that are currently hiding from my memory as well as all that I missed and plan to check out in the future. Here, also is a big shout out to the Box House Hotel. You locals likely don’t have much reason to stay in a hotel in your own hood, but if the thought comes up or friends are visiting, it is an amazing place. Dang I miss Greenpoint. Here’s a thank you to all of the friendly folks I came across and cheers to a great 2013 to all of you. You are living in an amazing place for sure.

  5. I am pretty sure I’m not the only one complaining about B24 bus service. that must be one of the most unreliable routes out there. I ve requested numerous times that MTA sends someone to monitor the route, especially during morning rush hours (to Greenpoint). I really hope that something is going to be done about it, maybe if more people complain, MTA will be forced to check on it. buses running 15mins ahead of schedule, or not showing at all. I am determined to send MTA emails every single day, until service improves

  6. Today Right before noon today there was an attempted burglary/robbery at 178 West St.
    The tenant happened to be home and fought off the attacker who is described as Hispanic male wearing black cap, black sweatshirt & mask or scarf on his face. He was wearing gloves and was armed with pepper spray which he used on the tenant. 94th Pct is investigating.
    Be careful Greenpointers and if you know anything call the Pct.

  7. Hey Jen G., just wanted to say hello and what a great blogging site. You may not remember us, as in me and my dog ‘”Luckey”, we sat with you briefly at Forrest Park. ” D” kept nipping at his face and ears as he was running away….alot! Anyway great site, I felt your passion for Greenpoint when we spoke, I might try doing one for my neighborhood, if I had the know how. Well best of luck to you. Maybe we’ll see you guys again.

  8. Hello Greenpointer(s)!

    Excuse me if this has been covered already. Do you have any info on Greenpoint’s new “thick black line”: the line of asphalt that winds all about the waterfront poorly covering the installation of some new pipe.

    Specific questions.
    Is this a temporary fix? (Please tell me this a temporary fix).
    Why does the work look so, and this is being kind, shoddy?
    Was this project discussed at any community forums before construction started ?

    I’ll end this by saying I understand the high costs associated with new road work and the elevated price of concrete vs asphalt but wanted to know WTF?

    Any light you can shed on this blackness would be much appreciated.



      1. I found out that the destruction of the beautiful sidewalks of Greenpoint are the work of an independent contractor, Hallen Construction, laying gas pipe lines for Nat’l Grid, all over Brooklyn. I found this article about posted about a year ago,, in Sheepshead Bites, where the same work was done in Sheepshead Bay. It’s a disgusting travesty that our politicians would allow this to happen and ironic since it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

        1. Thank you, Patrick! Those 1 ft wide asphalt streaks are all over the streets, and given what happened in Midwood, (great link btw) it looks doubtful this subcontractor is going to patch them up with cement. Lawsuit in the making is right. I hope it doesn’t come down to that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. After witnessing the disregard these contractors give our hood, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a stink from the community.

  9. Thought you might be interested and you have already heard :- Sadly, the building that housed Flood Studios @37 North 15th Street was sold – Flood Studios posted notes on bands studios to leave by November 27th. That means probably at least 100 bands are out of a practice space in the neighborhood- not good news for the community (most bands will likely be moving to Bushwick or something far from Greenpoint).

  10. Any help? how you post on “Lost and Found”? Man, I found an incredible cat. Beyond affectionate and gorgeous. Want to find his owner! NO one would dump a cat like this! (no one should dump ANY cat, but…)

  11. Hi, can you guys find more info about the little grassy park right by the Greenpoint brewery? In between Greenpoint and Williamsburg towards Smorgasborg. I walked by it and it looked like it hadn’t even opened yet but they had a sign that they’ll be offering free yoga every Sunday @ 10 starting in May…any more info would be great! Also, maybe a piece on the new Domino Sugar Factory park?

  12. Does anyone know what is going on with Simon Paper and Supply on Manhattan Ave? It’s been closed for a month now. Are we losing another local business to gigantic unaffordable falling apart buildings?

  13. I have a copy of the Diamond Anniversary version of the Greenpoint Weekly star (March 31,1950). Do you know of some one I could contact in order to donate it to an historical society?

  14. How do we stop the over development on the waterfront!
    What can we do to stop it?
    Why are property taxes going up so high?
    What are the real tax benefits for developers?
    How much do developers contribute to local gov campaigns?
    When will the City start protecting small business?
    When will the City bring Landlords and Small Business on the same side?
    Why does the city favor big development over small business?
    Where does the money from big business developement go? Not local thats forsure!

  15. Would anyone know who took over The Greenpoint Savings Bank? I have an envelop with the last known address:Bay Harbour Mall Rockaway TPK and Peninsula Blvd Lawrence, NY 11559.
    I’m a native New Yorker, whose father lived on Diamond Street in Greenpoint. I now live in Wisconsin.
    Please advise and thank you.

  16. Just found your website looking up Pete Mcguiness. Was born in 1932 and lived at 1099 Lorimer Street until 1947 with my parents until we moved to Queens. My father knew Pete and was offered a judgeship for $10,000 but he would have to pay for his own secretary, though normally that came with the position. Unable to pay that the judgeship went to our next door neighbor, Tom Morissey..That’s the way things were done during the depression. Pete did good deeds but he was. Not a saint…I’m doing reasearch for my grandkids and would like to,know more about places I knew…..Calyer and Noble Streets, greenpoint avenue, st Anthony of Padua church ,greenpoint movie theater, /Nassau and Kent streets…hope to hear from you…….andrew

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