Racquet-based sports have taken America by storm over the past couple of years, with pickleball predominately featuring among them.

And the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area is no exception, with the McCarren Park Tennis Association forming last year. 

Now, pickleball players and those looking to pick up the sport have a new nearby pickleball outlet. Goodland is opening a new facility at 67 Noble Street, expected to launch on June 8 and run through October 8. A recent email to supporters indicates that it’s possible that they will winterize the courts if there’s enough demand to keep things going.

“Our mission has always been clear: to upgrade the quality of pickleball play in our beloved community. Too often, we’ve seen players dealing with injuries caused by below-grade, cracked pavements,” the team wrote on Instagram. “Playing on makeshift or subpar courts is like ordering a burger and just getting a bun —it’s simply not the full experience you deserve.”

The space includes four pro-level courts. Goodland offers memberships with perks such as free unlimited open plays, leagues, guest passes, and 20% off equipment and merch.


Non-members are also welcome to sign up for a slot. Booking is entirely online and time slots are already filling up, so click here for more info.

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