Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and moms have been treating themselves for the occasion for decades, including in 1962, as evidenced by a Greenpoint Weekly Star advertisement for women’s hairstyling for just $5 (even with inflation, that’s about $52 today… still a far cry from what most salons will cost you, but there may also be fewer fumes to ingest these days).

At the time, Lady Windsor salon was advertising a ‘wave and save’ deal of $5 cold-wave perms, $1.25 haircuts, and $1.75 shampooing for any style you choose — and the styles of the time included the beehive, flipped bob, and pixie cut — from their location at 704 Manhattan Avenue.

These days, you can no longer get a $5 haircut at 704 Manhattan, but you can get a $5 hot dog from the newly opened Blue Collar location.

If you’d rather get a haircut than a flat-top smash burger or chicken tender sammie for Mother’s Day, Greenpoint has plenty of options. On Manhattan Ave alone, there’s High Horse Salon, Coz Salon, The Hair Bar and Make Up Lounge, Frankie and Jordan, Emma’s Unisex Salon, and Olga’s Golden Scissors, plus Hairenomics Mane Bar, Shizen, Cutloose, Gem House, Kennaland, and many more nearby.

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