Greenpoint plant store Greenery Unlimited (91 West St.) is closing after five years.

Even if you never stopped in, the attractive corner space, absolutely overflowing with plants, was unmissable on the way to Transmitter Park.

The store broke the news on Instagram last month, throwing one final dance party as a fond (frond?) farewell (their Jungle Party events quickly became a neighborhood staple).

“Greenery Unlimited was started so that we could share some of our design and installation work with the general public,” owners Adam Besheer and Rebecca Bullene wrote in an Instagram statement. “As workaholics, it was also a great excuse to get to know our neighbors. We have met so many interesting and compassionate people throughout our time at 91 West Street. We still get a little burst of joy every time we spy a plant someone bought from us through an apartment window.”

This weekend only (May 11 & 12), Greenery Unlimited will host a sidewalk sale on everything in the store. And the sale is more than just practical—it’s also a sentimental reminder of the community support that made things possible.


“Strapped for cash and in a state of emergency, we held a sidewalk sale about six weeks after the pandemic shut the city down. We sold almost our entire inventory in two days,” Besheer and Bullene write. That sidewalk sale was a major boost in business and allowed Greenery Unlimited to keep going.

The team didn’t share an official closing date or a specific reason for closing, but responded in Instagram comments that while they are taking a break from retail, the online store will continue.

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