The art gallery Subtitled NYC (113 Franklin St., 2nd floor) just launched a timely new show, on display until May 21.

“Moving towards Home: Art for Palestine in New York City 1989 & 2024,” curated by Jenna Hamed and Amy Kahng, highlights the fight for Palestinian liberation. The show pays homage to a 1989 exhibition curated by Yong Soon Min and Shirin Neshat, connecting it to the present day conflict unfolding in Gaza.

“The exhibition includes art and ephemera by the original participants alongside a new selection of artists of Palestinian descent, most of whom live or have worked in New York City,” the exhibit’s description reads. “Exhibited artists include Min, Neshat, and Betty Kano, representing original Homeland participants, as well as Kamal Boullata, Haifa Bint Kadi, Fares Rizk, and Xaytun Ennasr.”

On October 7, Hamas forces invaded Israel, killing around 1,200 and taking over 200 hostages. Israel’s subsequent bombardment and invasion of Gaza has killed more than 35,000 Palestinians and displaced thousands of families bereft of food, water, and medical care.

The outside of 113 Franklin Street on April 30, where Subtitled NYC is located. Image: Emma Davey/Greenpointers.

Even more fitting for Greenpoint, the original 1989 show was first displayed at a local gallery, the artist-run space Minor Injury.


The show kicked things off with an opening reception on Tuesday, which saw the gallery’s exterior temporarily adorned with pro-Palestinian sentiment. You can check out the show from Thursday through Sunday, 1-6 p.m.

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  1. Yeah let’s keep the anti-Semitic propaganda off Greenpointers. Self-defense against an existential terrorist threat is not genocide. 400 aid trucks a day is not genocide. The systematic murder of 1,200 Jews is genocide.

  2. As usual identity politics enter here which imo is crippling America. Ms. Davey skews toward the Palestine side although I give her credit for one sentence re the Hamas invasion and killings. Ck looks at it as solely anti-Semitic one sidedness.

    Hamas and Netany. are war criminals for what they did.

    Do protest against Netany. now because he is continuing war crimes.

    Do it without violence or anti semitism.

    Have clear goals besides hauling Netany. and Hamas leaders into a war crimes tribunal like a cease fire, hostages releases, re building Gaza etc.

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