Let’s face it—between the fall of Roe v. Wade, the recent overturning of Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 rape conviction, and having a racist sexist rapist on the ballot this year, today’s women have plenty to be pissed off about.

While snacks might not be able to fatten your paycheck or stop terrible men from making terrible decisions, it might at least alleviate some stress, if only temporarily. 

The Bechdel Project, a Greenpoint-based arts non-profit, is hosting an “Eat the Patriarchy: A Night of Feminist Fervor” event this Saturday, April 27. 

The event will take place at their headquarters at 252 Green Street (3rd floor). The event also has local support with sponsors New York Distilling Company (of Dorothy Parker Gin fame) and Bellocq Tea Atelier. 

Tickets are available on a sliding scale, giving participants a chance to enjoy activities such as tarot readings, dancing to DJs, and noshing on bites like the Donald Duck Trump Crostini (roasted duck, onion jam, and orange zest). 


The event will also crown the recipient of the 2024 Room of One’s Own (ROO) Residency. The residency, established in 2022, “empowers feminist writers of all intersections to develop bold, innovative work for the stage or screen that center women (either living or historical), and highlight untold, or underrepresented, narratives and perspectives,” according to the Bechdel Project’s website.

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  1. Before you bash men, I remind you two of the three judges who voted against Weinstein were men. Three of the four judges who voted for Weinstein were women

  2. One more point. NY State is majority white non hispanic. Despite this there is only one white male left on the seven member Court of Appeals. This project better hope he doesn’t leave or is forced out since they will not have any males to bash anymore.

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