This weekend offers a vibrant tapestry of experiences, showcasing the creativity and diversity of local businesses and artists, from HEATONIST’s spicy anniversary celebration at Taku Sando to the retro-inspired Studio 4/20 party with Disco n’ Friends at Wise Guy. Dive into art and sustainability at Lentol Garden’s exhibit, “Sari Carel: A More Perfect Circle,” or indulge in innovative beers and delectable bagel sandwiches at Talea’s Earth Day celebration with Black Seed Bagels and Gotham Greens. For a truly unique dining experience, venture to Leuca for Dining in the Dark, where your senses will be heightened in a blindfolded journey through a secret three-course menu.

With a weekend full of variety and excitement, Greenpoint and Williamsburg invite you to discover local culture and community.

Friday, April 19

Spice Up Your Life: HEATONIST’s Ninth Anniversary Party at Taku Sando

Join the celebration for HEATONIST Brooklyn’s ninth anniversary party, hosted at Taku Sando, on Friday. This public event offers a chance to savor HEATONIST’s latest creation: their ninth-anniversary hot sauce featuring a unique blend of tamari, umeboshi plum, and habanero, served on delectable Japanese sandwiches crafted by the renowned Takumen LIC team. Since 2015, HEATONIST has been on a mission to introduce the world to small-batch, all-natural hot sauces, and this annual celebration marks another milestone in their flavorful journey. Don’t miss the festivities at Taku Sando (29 Greenpoint Ave.) from 5-8 PM.

No RSVP is required—come and indulge in the spicy goodness!

Saturday, April 20

Party Like Studio 54 with Disco n’ Friends at Wise Guy

Get ready to groove at the greenest party in Greenpoint! Disco n’ Friends cordially invites you to Studio 4/20, a homage to the legendary Studio 54 parties of the 1970s. Located at Wise Guy (750 Manhattan Ave., 2nd Floor), this intimate speakeasy setting promises a night of retro vibes with a modern twist. Starting at 8:30 PM this Saturday night, there’ll be an electrifying lineup of top DJs, including Disco Bogotá, Bianca, Andrey Trofimov, Coupe Melba, Con-Air, and Quantreau. You can also indulge in specialty cocktails, giveaways, live tattoo sessions by Nadia Rondon, tarot readings by Sun, Moon & Star Tarot, and photography by Outside Eric.


Tickets are just $10 here (and include a welcome specialty gummy to kick off the festivities).

Sari Carel: A More Perfect Circle,” Opening at Lentol Garden

KODA Arts Inc. presents “Sari Carel: A More Perfect Circle” as a tribute to Earth Day, debuting this Saturday at the Lentol Garden. Renowned artist and activist Sari Carel unveils a thought-provoking series of ceramic sculptures inspired by the ubiquitous single-use coffee cup, shedding light on our daily interaction with waste. Curated by Jennifer McGregor, this public art installation invites viewers to contemplate the impact of disposable objects on our lives and the environment. Running from April 20 to June 30, 2024, the exhibition, co-presented with the Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center, offers insight into the lifecycle of a coffee cup and encourages collective action toward a sustainable future. Open to the public Tuesdays & Fridays: 10 AM-12 PM, Thursdays: 5-7 PM, and Saturdays & Sundays: 10 AM-2 PM, this immersive experience aims to spark conversations and inspire positive change within the community.

Sunday, April 21

Earth Day Giveaway With Black Seed Bagels & Gotham Greens at Talea

This Sunday, Black Seed Bagels is teaming up with Talea and Gotham Greens to introduce two innovative beers crafted from surplus bagels: the refreshing Lemon Basil Weekender Beer, featuring locally-grown basil from Gotham Greens, and the daring Experimental Everything Bagel Beer. Black Seed Bagels will offer their mouthwatering open-face green goddess bagel sandwich from 2-4 PM to the first 200 customers (with every purchase of either collaborative brew) to commemorate this eco-conscious collaboration. Additionally, guests indulging in a draft pour of the Lemon Basil Weekender Beer will receive a complimentary basil seedling from Gotham Greens. Don’t miss this delectable celebration of Earth Day and sustainable brewing.

Heighten Your Senses & Dine in the Dark at Leuca

Step into a world of sensory exploration with Dining in the Dark, an extraordinary blindfolded dining experience at Leuca. Heighten your senses of taste and smell as you embark on a secret three-course culinary journey featuring appetizers, mains, and desserts carefully crafted to tantalize your palate. Choose from the Red Menu (Meat), Blue Menu (Seafood), or Green Menu (Vegan) and prepare for an unforgettable adventure in flavor. Remember to indicate your dietary requirements upon ticket purchase for a tailored experience. Guests 12 and older are welcome, though adults should accompany those 16 and under.

Tickets are $110 here.

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