(Or not?)

Interest in country music may be on the rise as of late (due in no small part, of course, to the announcement of Beyoncé’s upcoming Cowboy Carter), but Williamsburg has had its own slice of honky-tonk heaven holding down the fort in the neighborhood for over ten years. And one patron seemingly fell head over spurs last weekend according to a new Craigslist Missed Connection.

The author recalls a chance encounter at Skinny Dennis (152 Metropolitan Ave.) — the bar-slash-live-music-venue hosting quality country and folk entertainment seven nights a week — as most probably go: over the hot peanut bowl. This is like two hands reaching into a popcorn bucket for those above legal drinking age.

Here’s hoping that the “honky tonk angel” wasn’t just a mirage. And even if they were, at least Skinny Dennis has a great frozen coffee and weekend lineup of performances to take your mind off of it.


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