While the MTA loves a series of delays, reroutes, and service alerts, the love train seems to be running just fine in North Brooklyn, at least if a slew of recent Missed Connections are anything to go by.

On our beloved G train, a shy rider in a black fuzzy jacket reportedly had their eye on a Nassau Avenue-bound passenger and took to Craigslist to express their regrets.

Two chance encounters happened on the L, both involving books! During the morning commute, a handsome, ringless man reading Jennifer Egan’s The Candy House caught the poster’s eye and was enough to send them into a daydreamy spiral of voice notes and cafe dates. Later that same day (March 11), another poster was able to rip their attention away from their reading material of choice thanks to the intoxicating vibes of their seat neighbor just in time to steal a few glances and even receive a wave. I like to imagine the a.m. Candy House reader is the sender of the latter post, stealing hearts all in a day’s commute.

Finally, the JMZ also got some (potential) love. But it didn’t stop there — both riders then got off at Marcy Avenue ended up at the same store (Duals Natural). Though no introduction was made, it’s not too late. Hopefully those two will sync up their shopping trips another day.

Riding the subway doesn’t have to always be bleak. If you recognize yourself in any of these (and don’t feel weird about it), it’s not too late to reach out and score a date just in time for drinking-on-patios season in the neighborhood.


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