Long-standing Williamsburg bar Spuyten Duyvil (359 Metropolitan Ave.) will close at the end of April, Eater NY reports. 

The bar first opened in 2003, with a stellar selection of harder-to-find craft beer options, though it added a focus on amaro a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, as with so many other local businesses, high rents contributed to the closure. “Craft beer’s current ubiquity combined with rising rents have made operating Spuyten Duyvil unsustainable,” owners Joe and Kim Carroll told the outlet.

Indeed, there’s no shortage of craft beer in Williamsburg, but Spuyten Duyvil was one of the first to highlight it.

“Back then in 2003, there were only a few places to get craft beer. Only a few restaurants and bodegas sold them,” Joe Carroll told Greenpointers in 2022. “It was an underground thing. In the entire city, there might have been seven other craft beer places. We had a lot of stuff people couldn’t get their hands on. The few beer geeks that were around, would come in and be dumbfounded by the collection.”

The bar frequently hosted live music acts and had a spacious backyard that was perfect for hanging out. 


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