The art world, especially in New York, can feel rather insider-y and exclusive. That can dampen community and limit participation, but, fortunately for those in the North Brooklyn area, there’s a way to still get involved and celebrate many kinds of art-making.

Greenpoint Art Circle, a group for local artists of varying media and levels, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. The group persisted through COVID, has emerged stronger, and is now gearing up for an anniversary group show, “Collective Inspiration,” to uplift all the ways in which community helps support and foster art. True to its roots, Greenpoint Art Circle will be hosting the show locally, partnering with a neighborhood small business, the coffee-vinyl shop For the Record (1107 Manhattan Avenue). The opening reception for the show is on February 24, and the series showcasing neighbors’ art will be on display through March 9. Here, Greenpointers catches up with Greenpoint Art Circle leader Nadya Gomez, who reflects on the organization’s history and future.

Greenpointers: Five years and going strong! What does this milestone mean to you all, and how have you grown?

Nadya Gomez: When I started it, I just wanted to have a space to check in with other people with day jobs around my art practice, which was just beginning and it really was only that for a while. I added more events because I figured it would be fun for everyone including me and now we also have a membership with perks and regular group shows. I think it’s really meaningful that there’s been enough enthusiasm and energy for the idea in the members and in myself to keep it going for so long.

It’s wonderful Collective Inspiration is taking place at a local business. How did the relationship with For the Record begin?


Someone had mentioned For the Record as a possible location for our meetings a while back, but I didn’t really pursue it until more recently. I think it’s a really wonderful and innovative store and the owner Lucas is very connected with the community so I think it’s a great fit for both of us. We had connected via Instagram, and I spoke with him and he was so cool and was into the idea right away, so that’s how it all really started.

Photo of Greenpoint Art Circle members provided by Nadya Gomez

How many artists are involved in the show and what can audiences expect?

We are still accepting submissions from our members! I wanted to give people a lot of time to get their work in. But I expect around 20 artists in the show, which features smaller sized works—we have 55 members in total. The theme is inspiration that comes from one another in the group or from loved ones in our lives or from anywhere! From what I’ve seen, there are colorful, affecting, playful and thoughtful works in the mix and there was a portrait of one of the members by another.

For local Greenpointers looking to get involved in the neighborhood art scene, what would you suggest? 

Well, you could join us! Sign up for our mailing list at and you’ll get Google calendar invites to our mostly free events and you can connect with creative people through our drawing meetups, gallery opening visits, workshops, book club and so on that take place in North Brooklyn primarily. Also I would suggest going to art openings at local galleries and chatting to people, and there are several area stores that would likely feature your art on their walls too, so that could be a good way to connect.

As you look to the future, how would you like your community group to evolve?

I had been organizing the group largely on my own, but more recently I’ve gotten stuff together enough to bring a few other members on board to help run the group. I think this will breathe more life into the effort and fresh ideas so I expect there to be more complex, more truly collaborative efforts that we undertake with partners new and old. Many of our members love nature, so perhaps projects around conservation and also perhaps highlighting bringing together multiple generations of artists, which is something our group already does naturally.

Photo of Greenpoint Art Circle members provided by Nadya Gomez

Anything else you’d like to add?

I just want to give a shout-out to anyone who’s ever come out to one of our events, or just follows us on Instagram. I didn’t have big notions about the group when I started it and it’s turned out to be an incredible learning opportunity and a fascinating way to connect with people and the neighborhood, which as a shy person was hard at first. I’m glad that it brings such wonderful people together to share about a very special endeavor, cultivating and sustaining one’s artistic voice when the demands of the world can easily take it over.

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