Everyone’s got a different relationship with alcohol. And like any other relationship, alcohol can be a friend or a foe, depending on whatever else you got going on in your life.

If you’re reevaluating that relationship, or just looking to take it a little easier on your body, Dry January is upon us again. And just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself. These local spots make it easy to have a drink without risking tomorrow’s hangover. Be forewarned, you’ll probably encounter the St. Agrestis Phony Negroni quite a bit, but we’re including some more creative options as well!

As with all of our Greenpointers lists, this is not meant to be exhaustive but should be a decent jumping off point.

Bars and Restaurants


The French bistro (931 Manhattan Ave) offers a bevy of beverages, including those they call “social sodas.” Diners can choose a butterfly pea tea lemonade, hot apple cider, or shrubs (a vinegar-based syrup). Perennial options include beet & ginger, grapefruit & rosemary, and there’s also a shrub of the day.


The dive-y Williamsburg spot (425 Graham Ave.) has the standard Topo Chicos and non-alcoholic beer, but they also have a hot apple cider. For a cocktail adjacent option, try the Lady Jam, with lime juice, honey syrup, blackberry, and orange.



Glasserie’s (95 Commercial Street) cocktail menu includes both low-ABV and no-ABV options. For those abstaining entirely, Beirut Nights (Amass Botanical, Lemon, Soda), Splendor in the Grass (Cucumber, Ginger, Lime, Tonic), and The Pomme Horse – (Pomegranate, Mint, Lemon, Soda) are sure to enchant.

Modern Love Brooklyn

Maybe you’re looking to give up more than just alcohol and are shedding animal products from your life. If that’s the case, head to beloved vegan joint, Modern Love (they’ve already conquered vegan mac and cheese, they can certainly make a decent mocktail). Modern Love (317 Union Ave.) offers a full list of options, with takes on classic cocktails like the Aperol-ish Spritz and the New Old Fashioned. Plus, they’re promising a new mocktail every week.


Layla (352 Bedford Ave.), which opened last year in the space that formerly housed Rabbithole, offers a few non-alcoholic options. There’s the requisite Phony Negroni, but also a “guilt-free” marg, Ghia mule, and a yuzu tonic.

Pete’s Candy Store

Longstanding trivia hotspot and Kentucky Derby watch party venue (not to mention, just being a bar) Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer Street) is getting into the Dry January game. NA options include a Hibiscus Mule and a sparkling mango cocktail.


Big Vision x DJ Hanzi: Dry January Kick-Off Party

Come hang out at Curious Elixir’s “sober speakeasy,” located at 599 Lorimer Street. “We’re teaming up with the Bigvision Community to make memories, set intentions and inspire each other to make the most of this fresh start. Prepare to let loose on the dance floor and celebrate how far you’ve come – and where we are going together,” the event’s description reads. Free entry with RSVP, not to mention a complimentary drink. The event will take place on January 10.

Cheers to Change: Boogie and Sip with Dr. Brooke

On January 24, Dr. Brooke Scheller will hit up Club Curious (see above address) for a dance party and book signing. If you’re interested in making a life change beyond Dry January, her new book, How to Eat to Change How You Drink, has plenty of tips.

TALEA Williamsburg

TALEA (87 Richardson St.) will be hosting a variety of booze-free events at their taprooms across the city (but we’re only concerned with what’s going on in North Brooklyn). This Saturday, you can swing by for a sample of their Non-Alc Strawberry Lemonade Spritzy Sour. They’re also hosting a Booze-Free Beer Tasting with Third Place Bar on January 25, and a Zero Proof Cocktail Making Class on January 28.

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