Months ago, a little birdy (or I guess a little fishy might be more appropriate?) told Greenpointers that Dream Fishing Tackle (673 Manhattan Avenue) would be closing soon. We were devastated, but out of respect to our favorite tackle spot, we zipped our lips and waited for the news to drop. Luckily, the story now has a happy ending, as Dream Fishing Tackle will only be moving a few blocks away, with a projected February opening.

“Our landlord has been nothing but good to us but due to his age he has decided to take a leap and liquidate his assets & move to be with his son and grandchildren in Georgia for the remainder of his time. ‘as they don’t want to inherit this building,’ Dream Fishing Tackle wrote on Instagram. “This was our home, we spent more time at dream fishing tackle then [sic] in our living spaces. Nothing is forever but we want to THANK EVERYONE who walked in through these doors & supported us!!!”

A find from @dreamfishingtackle/Instagram

What started as a fishing tackle store has emerged as a hub for vintage finds and vinyl records (although fishing enthusiasts can still find supplies). The snug storefront teems with furniture, art, and tchotchkes at every turn, spilling out into the street to invite curious passersby inside. Dream Fishing Tackle is a family affair, owned by father-daughter duo Robert and Barbara. The store developed organically into what it is today, especially after Barbara decided to embrace her passion for interior design. After nearly signing onto a different lease, her father encouraged her to set up shop at Dream Fishing Tackle over a decade ago.

“What started as a 500 square foot allotment for her passion project soon became 80% of the store, and the fishing supplies creeped ever back,” we wrote in a 2021 article. “Perhaps unintentionally, the store began to change with the neighborhood it resided in, adapting to the shifts in locale and culture.”

They’ve adapted for nearly 30 years already, so here’s to the next 30!


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