As many Greenpoint parents (and parents everywhere) are acutely aware, it’s back to school season. And few things are as synonymous with ‘back to school’ as shopping; or, better yet, the constant ads. And that was just as true decades ago, though the wares may have been a little different.

Here’s a walk down memory lane of back-to-school trends courtesy of the Greenpoint Weekly Star and Brooklyn Public Library.

Self-winding watches for just $89.50

Eat your heart out, Apple Watch.

August 30, 1963

This debate on sweater thickness

Team Light or Team Bulky?

September 5, 1958

Pick your perm

Adjusted for inflation, that haircut would still only be about $10 today — smart women, indeed.

August 31, 1962.

Freshman’s best friend: A pipe

Who needs extracurriculars or ice-breaker activities when you have tobacco?

September 6, 1963

Most likely to be voted Most Talkative

Unclear if the parakeets are on the same aisle as the hosiery.

September 8, 1961

The classics

Good to know some things don’t change.

August 31, 1962

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