Williamsburg’s Marsha P. Johnson State Park (90 Kent Ave.) has much to celebrate!

The park hosted several events today for the late icon and activist’s birthday. First, friends, supporters, and elected officials gathered this morning to kick off the unveiling of a beautiful new gate and fence. The colorful entrance resembles the flower crowns Johnson used to wear and features her philosophy: “Pay it no mind.”

Greenpointers first reported that the state released its renderings for the project on Johnson’s birthday last year, so this seems like steady progress (especially in light of other North Brooklyn park developments — looking at you, Box Street Park!)

And from 2 to 4 p.m. today, you can stop by the park to learn more about Johnson and make flowers and birthday cards in her honor. But the festivities don’t end there — volunteers are collecting adult and teen clothing for a donation drive on September 1.

Originally East River State Park, the park was renamed in 2020 and has since hosted several events designed to bring the community together and continue Johnson’s legacy of activism and mutual aid.


In a world where corporations and governments treat the inclusion of the LGBTQ community like it’s just another thing to check off their list, it’s lovely to see such a thoughtful and colorful project actually embrace its namesake.

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