A woman who works in Greenpoint was on her way to work this past Friday when she was struck by an umbrella that blew away from 10 stories up, apparently from a local high rise. 

Sara Kolodziejski, who works at Naked Dog, sustained a concussion and blunt force trauma, according to the GoFundMe campaign that has been set up to help her.

“Sara is a brilliant poet and creative writer, previous junior Olympian martial artist and incredibly talented Butoh performance artist,” writes friend Amelia Thomas. “This accident will have a direct impact on her ability to practice movement and creative expression for a time, two things that greatly support her mental health.

The funds will go towards helping her cover lost wages, pet care, and providing medical care. 

You can contribute here.


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  1. Sorry to hear it and God bless her, but I hope she had the presence of mind to keep the umbrella and bring it to the police department and have his fingerprinted. Then contact the lawyer and Sue the building, and all the tenants that she suspects. And only release them from lawsuits if they find the fingerprinted person who owned the umbrella.

    1. How about saying, this is a terrible accident. Hope you recover well.

      Your reply is so American… blaming someone when in effect, it was a complete random accident. Yes, umbrella should have been kept inside but for whatever reason it wasn’t.

      And on top of that, if she didn’t have ‘the presence of mind’ then it becomes her fault for not getting money to fund her recovery?!

      Looking on the fuller side of the glass, her community will rally around her and she may find something in life had she not had the accident (and maybe she won’t).

      1. Jennifer,
        You are right. During this experience, my community did rally around me, and I did indeed, find many things in life that I would not have; had it not been for this accident. I found commuting, support, friends, and a hood I had no had for a very long time. Thank you for your kind words.

  2. I respect your opinion, but why should other people have to pay her expenses for a mistake made by the building by not having a policy in effect to protect pedestrians below. What happens if a heavy planter falls next time and kill someone. Are you going to go and support that family forever, raise their kids do all the work that that man or woman did for his family. Wake up stop living in a dream world. If you don’t hold people accountable for their actions then what’s the stop other people from not caring and saying I don’t care what happens it was an accident.

    1. Even if she did have the “presence of mind,” and as you suggested, is suing the building for their mistake, that wouldn’t render immediate results. On top of that, medical care requires immediate funds, and the accident resulted in a loss of work. It does not appear to me that she is expecting anyone to pay her expenses, rather help her recover the losses so she can move on with whatever is actually not our business.
      No one here is asking for help forever, as it appears to me.

    2. Thanks for your concern. Please know this incident is being handled by legal professionals, and this Gofundme is to cover the lost wages of an initial week of recovery. Sara was not in a position medically to retrieve the umbrella (she had to go to the hospital), but legal action is being taken and the folks responsible for having an (illegal) umbrella on a high rise will be pursued. Your compassion is appreciated, regardless of whether you choose to offer financial support. As the friend who organized the support campaign, this is not an effort to get the general public to be financially responsible for long term costs and impact of this event (it will far exceed the amount requested) but just to help Sara actually be able to rest for one week which is the absolute minimum she needs – and it will take months for legal action to be sorted.

  3. I hope she’s okay and her recovery will go well. I’ve had concussions before and know how awful they can be. That being said, I do find it appalling that her employer is not giving her a week paid off (at the bare minimum!) to recover. As a European, this shit is just baffling to me.

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