Caffè Panna, an Italian-inspired ice cream and coffee shop in Gramercy, just announced that they would be expanding their brand with a new location in Greenpoint, at 34 Norman Avenue.

The Greenpoint location will be the store’s second location.

Lines regularly snake out the door at the store’s original location, at Irving Place and 19th Street. Hallie Meyer, Caffè Panna’s founder, grew up in Gramercy and opened her ice cream shop in 2019 after spending years living in Rome and falling in love with the gelato there.

If the words ‘Meyer’ and ‘Gramercy’ put together ring any bells for you, yes, she’s the daughter of that Danny Meyer restaurateur, but from all accounts, her ice cream has transcended nepo baby status and gets rave reviews.

Photo credit: Liz Clayman

“This location will not only be an ice cream shop but also a true experiential store and facility, as it will feature ice cream production and offer fun elements such as ice cream workshops and classes,” according to a press release. “Like its Manhattan location, the Greenpoint store will offer the six classic Caffè Panna flavors plus scoops, pints, sundaes and soft serve flavors that change constantly, driven by what is inspiring the team at that particular moment in time.”

The flavors at Caffè Panna often rely on local ingredients sourced from the Union Square Greenmarket.

The team hopes to open the 4,700-square-foot space in March 2024.

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