After months of mystery and a limited social media presence, Bersi Ethiopian Restaurant finally opened its doors on 1049 Manhattan Avenue. And it already debuted to rave reviews, if Google is to be believed.

Bersi, which focuses on vegan and vegetarian cuisine, took over from the long-vacant Ria Bella pizza place.

Image via Instagram

The Bersi Instagram account highlights some of the menu’s standouts, such as misir wot (lentils cooked with Ethiopian spices) and emama fitfit (chickpeas, tomato, and carrots mixed with pieces of flatbread).

According to a quick Google search, the team is still on the hunt for a server to join the team, so if that sounds like you, apply here.

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  1. Fresh ingredients, every bite is flavorful, can’t go wrong! My favorites are the mushrooms, string beans and carrots, turmeric cabbage and yellow lentils. (The Weyse combination is more than enough for 3 hungry people.) The coffee (small concentrated portion) is a fab digestive, but could be even better with a little bit of ghee! Highly recommended!

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