Getting a good spot for the Fourth of July fireworks in the neighborhood is no small feat, and a couple of neighbors happened to be lucky enough to feel them, too, if Craigslist Missed Connections are any indication (and, in an unprecedented Missed Connection moment, one poster even got a name).

Is your name Lizzie and were your firework-watching plans almost thwarted by an umbrella? If so, your beer-chugging knight in aluminum armor (similarly almost thwarted by their beers — that’s called fate) is looking for you! Especially after ignoring said fate and leaving you high and dry on the subway platform.

This second post is more of a mystery, and probably the only time a tall person at a watch-related event has drawn intrigue rather than ire (though the person standing behind him may have had less romantic sentiments to share). With a smolder rivaling that which was happening in the sky, the tension is begging to inspire a campy romance novel — ideally one with a happy ending.

Here’s to hoping all of the dominoes fall into place and these happy could-be couples feel some fireworks again.

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