In the era of summoning a vehicle from your phone, riding in a yellow cab feels almost novel. But even sans Uber surge pricing and the looming threat of being rated after your trip, they’re still not without risk. And one Missed Connectioner learned that the hard way.

Were you driving a yellow cab from The Standard, High Line’s Le Bain nightclub (where cocktails will set you back roughly $20) on Friday, May 26? If so, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

According to a Missed Connection posted the following morning, a rider is hoping to track down said driver to repay their debts after a series of snafus, from dead phones to dead meters, following attempts to find them on Zelle. A ride to Greenpoint from the Meatpacking District in what I can only assume are the wee hours of the night post-sexy-singles party is likely not cheap, so the quest for reconnection is understandable.

This is one Missed Connection where we’re really hoping the two sides find each other and drive off into the sunset (or not).


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