In light of pollen’s relentless assault on everyone’s sinuses as of late, this weekend’s Open Air Fair on Saturday, June 3, and Sunday, June 4, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. is particularly dedicated to feeling your best. Join us at 2 Noble St for a relaxing wellness weekend!

Join us for dancing with Reboot NYC, live DJs, pilates, yoga, meditation, plenty of child-friendly activities, and, of course, wellness-focused vendors. Here are just some of the businesses you can come out and support this weekend!


Source: Pharm.NYC’s website

A woman and veteran-led brand, Pharm.NYC is all about plant-based wellness for pain management, anxiety, stress, mood elevation, muscle recovery, and better sleep. The team is extremely hands on with production, overseeing cannabis growth at Green Mountains at Hubbard Farms in Vermont to turn the CBD flower into tinctures, salves, balms and beyond — which will be shoppable at the fair this weekend!

Got Da Juice

Source: @gotdajuiceco on Instagram

For post-dancing and yoga refreshment, Got Da Juice has you covered. Got Da Juice is a Black-owned company dedicated to high-quality ingredients in raw juices and smoothies. Blends include the Fuji Goddess, which boasts immune-boosting, heart-healthy, and energy-lifting properties with a mix of Fuji apple, pineapple, mint, and chia seeds; the Black Mamba, a rejuvenating detox juice with Fuji apple, lemon, ginger, and charcoal; and energy-boosting and digestion-aiding Irie Vibez, which features carrot, red apple, green apple, lemon, ginger, and turmeric; plus smaller booster shots.


Skin Gems

Wellness and skincare go hand in hand, and with global warming on the rise, reduced-waste packaging is as well. Skin Gems returns to the fair this weekend with their line of products as good for your skin as they are for the planet, including body butters, lip balms, and SPF — plus items especially for kids. They use only organic ingredients, are cruelty free, vegan, and biodegradable, and recommend use on all skin types.


Craving a soda that’s actually better than a soda? Motto is lighter on sweetness, but heavy on plant nutrients and feel-good ingredients. The sparkling teas (which come in matcha or rooibos), are lightly sweetened with agave or honey and promise an energy boost (in the case of matcha), antioxidants, and digestion help from the “power of plants.” They’re also based right here in Greenpoint for some additional local love.

Drugs for Plants

Source: @drugsforplants on Instagram

The plant parent lifestyle is no joke, and Drugs for Plants is on a mission to help even the most prolific plant killers while also creating cleaner fertilizer that sets them apart from leading synthetic brands. This weekend, they’ll be selling their own organic elixir, formulated by horticulturalists and packaged in biodegradable bags. According to reviews, it’ll make you “feel like a certified gardening expert.”

Sundae Funday

Source: @sundaefundaenyc on Instagram

Self-care is never complete without ice cream. And NYC-based Sundae Funday takes it to the next level with decadent, hand-crafted flavors both traditional and vegan (plant-based ice creams are made with fan-favorite oat milk). Don’t miss out on their ice cream sandwiches, perfect for enjoying along the Greenpoint Waterfront. For those more susceptible to brain freeze, they’ll also have cakes, cookies, and other pastries in tow.


We’re doing this every weekend until September 24 and are looking for the most talented makers, food purveyors, artists, and designers to join us! Just sign up here!

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