With dust swirling around the near-constant construction sites in the neighborhood, plus the worrying effects of the Meeker Avenue Plume Superfund site weighing on local residents, concerns over air quality grow stronger every day. So North Brooklyn Neighbors is hosting a free workshop about indoor air quality — and, subsequently, how to hopefully improve it — on April 29 at the Cooper Park Community Center (76 Kingsland Avenue) from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

North Brooklyn Neighbors has been playing a significant role in engaging community members to become more active in North Brooklyn environmental efforts, particularly by recruiting volunteers for indoor air monitoring to see how the outdoor air here impacts the air we breathe at home.

Partially influenced by the above monitoring studies, the workshop will include facts about common pollutants and health implications of poor indoor air quality plus tips for improving it and the opportunity to learn how to use sensors for monitoring their own at-home air.

Register here.

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