Brooklyn-based artist CJ Hendry is known for her interactive and site-specific approach to her exhibits, and her latest, Plaid, is no exception. A colorful, 5,000-square-foot playground awaits art lovers at 220 Newel Street, open from now until April 23. 

New drawings will adorn the walls of the space as well. Hendry is known for her hyper realistic colored pencil drawings that are designed to look like paint. You’ll even be able to purchase a drawing starting tomorrow, on Hendry’s website.

A successful sold-out run last weekend required tickets, but this week’s edition is first come first serve (so you should probably plan to get in line early, as the TikTok girlies are already on it). 

“I enjoy creating conceptual exhibitions that take elements of the series and blow them up on a massive scale,” said Hendry in a press release. “I would love for each original artwork to only be able to be viewed as the entire experience. It brings such a greater depth to the genre of hyperrealism. On a selfish level, I am bored by traditional galleries hanging artworks on white walls. I want to really understand the artist’s vision and that’s what I try to create with my exhibitions.”

Entry is $10 and includes a complimentary pair of socks, which not only keeps visitors cozy, but presumably, stops our gross city feet from contaminating the exhibition. Also, free socks! If that’s not enough for ya, scarves and puzzles will also be available for purchase.


220 Newel Street is open from 10 AM – 6 PM. 

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