Some things in life are inevitable — death, taxes (friendly reminder that you have 14 days left to file!), and if you live in an urban city, rats.

But a new city-wide initiative hopes to give New Yorkers the tools and knowledge they need to keep the rats out. A workshop entitled ‘Rat Academy’ will teach folks safe and effective management techniques to prevent attracting rats into their homes. 

The city’s Health Department offers virtual options, but for those in North Brooklyn eager to learn in person, Assemblymember Emily Gallagher and City Council Member Lincoln Restler will be hosting a session tonight, April 4, at Bushwick Inlet Park (86 Kent Avenue).

‘Rat Academy’ is part of Mayor Eric Adams’ overall plan to combat the city’s rodent problem. Mayor Adams has mentioned his hatred of rats in several recent speeches; Gothamist calculated that he has used the word at least 80 times publicly last year and has signed at least four different rat-related bills into law last year. And who could forget that infamous “The rats don’t run this city — we do!” soundbite from an Adams staffer that went viral last year? 

Another plank in the Adams’ plan to send rats packing includes the appointment of a “rat czar,” whom, after months of sifting through applications, Adams has apparently hired, though curiously refuses to publicly name. Is he afraid that word will get out to the rats? I say spread the word far and wide. Strike fear into the hearts of those disgusting vectors of disease.

Sign up for tonight’s Rat Academy here.

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