In case you missed it, libraries are a resource for more than just books — and Greenpoint Library wants to bring that to life with a new tool lending library.

While the tool library is still in its very early stages, GEEC (Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center) is asking community members to take a survey and help inform the tool selection available for borrowing. Take the survey here.

The survey covers both power tools and hand tools for all your IKEA-furniture-building needs (shout out to the MALM), plus garden tools, bike repair tools, electric supply tools, and specialty tools like safety glasses and sewing machines. And you’ll have the opportunity to offer up your own expertise for possible future activations or other skill-sharing events.

Greenpoint Library currently serves as an environmental awareness hub with lab spaces and community meeting areas for events like tax help, English classes, sewing machine basics, and much more. In general, a Brooklyn Public Library card includes access to Culture Pass, which offers free passes to museums, botanical gardens, cultural institutions, and events borough-wide.

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