The interior of Picture Theory Gallery. Photo Credit: Adam Levie

Based on the number of tips Greenpointers has received over the past few months, we’ve certainly got a thriving art scene at the moment. It seems like new shows and new galleries are opening every day.

Now, Picture Theory, a gallery with a unique presentation style, officially opened its doors, though please note, those doors being opened require an appointment in advance. 

According to gallery founder and director Rebekah Kim, the gallery takes after the apartment gallery model, in which the art is displayed in a residential setting (she offers 15 Orient, a Bushwick gallery, as an example of this type of model). 

Image: Rebekah Kim

The gallery focuses on contemporary artists, through both eight-week rotating exhibits, as well as publishing projects. In late January, Picture Theory kicked off its inaugural exhibition, Between the Buttons, a retrospective of 40 years of photographs and notebooks from multi-disciplinary artist Tim Maul. 

“Maul’s notebooks, on view for the first time, bring ephemeral or fleeting thoughts and images to the page,” says a press release, “Divided into loose boxes or cells, they enclose what the artist refers to as the ‘noise’ behind his other work, ‘thinking notes or puzzles.’”


The show is scheduled to run until March 22. To schedule a time to see it, contact

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