Photo: Concetta Abbate

Editor’s note — Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been highlighting the fight to save Park Church Co-op from being torn down by real estate developers. Park Church Co-op has served as more than just a religious institution in our neighborhood — it was a space where the community could come together and dance, volunteer, listen to music and enjoy each other’s company. You can read a community member’s recent op-ed here, and get caught up on the long-standing fight to save the church here and here.

Locals have shared some of their favorite Park Church Co-op memories with us. Below, local resident Concetta Abbate shares her memories of making music at the church.

Photo: Concetta Abbate

Teacup Music is an after school music program that offers private instruction on a variety of musical instruments.

I first came to Park Church to perform violin for a concert probably around 2014/2015. I met Pastor Amy and her assistant Baxton Alexander. They said the church would be interested in hosting a music education program to bring more families into the space.

My greatest memories are all the recitals. It was really a treat for the kids to perform in that space and I think they will remember it for the rest of their lives. 


I think when Park Church was first built churches served an important function as community centers. They provided humanitarian aid, events where people could socialize and participate in educational activities or find childcare. It served as a beautiful and reflective space where people could grieve loss and memorialize someone who had passed away. 

Since the church closed I have moved Teacup Music to GAMBA Forest at 630 Humboldt Street. The owners, Chris Carr and Melissa Gurney are great friends and I am so grateful they opened their doors to my small business.

Not everyone in our community identifies with the religious aspects tagged onto church but I think we can all agree that the public services provided are priceless. I hope the space can be updated with the architectural features maintained and that it can continue to serve the community, as it has been such an asset to the people of Greenpoint for so long.

Concetta Abbate is the founder of Teacup Music. Teacup Music is an after-school music program that offers private instruction on a variety of musical instruments as well as music composition group classes.

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