As Fashion Week in New York City wraps and a cool 60 degree breeze wafts gently along the East River, we here in Greenpoint are beckoned ahead into a relaxing weekend. A cool front is moving in, true, but after a little rain we still have sunny skies and relatively warm winter highs to look forward to for the long President’s Day weekend ahead. If you’re sticking around, there’s plenty to do just down the street. From building your core and upper body strength, to exploring work by local artists and celebrating iconic musicians, this is one three day weekend you can feel comfortable sleeping in and staying local for.

Friday, February 17

Swing by The Mallard Drake (43 Franklin Street) this Friday evening for their grand opening, as well as “Odd Ducks”: a group art show opening from 7-10 PM. The show is organized by and features artwork from local artists, so stop by and chat to learn more from artists about their practice. Have a pint and peruse paintings, prints and more by artists Mark Albright, Monte Antrim, Carri Skoczek, Chris Smith, Christine Coco Murray and Sharilyn Neidhardt. No RSVP needed, just drop in with some birds of a feather and flock together with some great art!

Odd Ducks at The Mallard Drake: image courtesy the artists.

Saturday, February 18

Back by popular demand, Sparsa (1006 Manhattan Ave) is hosting their popular Arm Balancing Workshop this Saturday from 2-4 PM with the renowned Chauncie Parchment at their fitness and wellness studio north of Greenpoint Ave. Beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike can find ways to perfect their arm work when hitting poses that test upper body strength. Start your weekend off strong with this all levels workshop and learn more about ways you can safely gain strength for tackling more challenging yoga positions. Registration is via this link.

Chauncie Parchment leading an arm balancing workshop at Sparsa in Brooklyn, image courtesy Sparsa.

Do you rem-em-ber the amazing impact that musician Phil Collins made when he redefined 80s pop music, instilling a new generation of hits for rock fans worldwide? Celebrate the iconic musician — and his regular local fan who likes to drive around blasting “In the Air Tonight” — this Saturday, February 18 at Greenpoint Beer & Ale (1150 Manhattan Ave) for Phil Collins Day 2023: lasting from 2-6 PM. This is a great celebration for visitors and locals alike who want to run with a fun crowd ready to sing and celebrate. Drop in anytime and feel it coming in the air (of approaching) night in honor of this impactful musical artist.

Phil Collins Day announcement, courtesy Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co.

Get your mind into The Gutter (200 N 14th St) for an energizing improv experience from 6-10 PM. “What Am I A Clown to You” features a troupe of improv comedians in the Spare Room at this iconic north Brooklyn bowing alley. Tickets are only $10 for an evening of spontaneous laughs, so don’t miss out on this great way to support local talent and feeling entertained along the lanes.

‘What Am I A Clown to You” organized by Ben Rameaka, image courtesy the organizer.

Fans of fine art are spoiled for choice this weekend in the neighborhood! This Sunday, at McCarren Parkhouse (855 Lorimer St) the venue is hosting an exhibition reception for artist Jacky Boehm from 7-9 PM. Guests are welcome to visit, admire the art and chat with the artist to learn about these nature-inspired paintings. If you have yet to make it to the Parkhouse, this is an artistic and elegant event for all ages welcoming nature into the space, enticing guests to come and experience works by a local artist and bringing a gentle and welcome reminder that spring is just around the corner.

Jacky Boehm at McCarren Parkhouse, Image courtesy McCarren Parkhouse.

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