On January 14, Magick City hosted “closing ceremonies” to mark the end of its 10-year run at 37 Box Street.

The space was never just one thing — Magick City served as various home bases to countless people, from mutual aid organizations to artists to those who just wanted to dance and beyond (like, way beyond). And that was all part of Rich Awn’s mission when starting it.

In 2013, Awn and his friend and real estate partner stumbled upon the space (formerly owned by Brooklyn Spice Company). It would go on to become that the HQ for Awn’s kombucha startup Mombucha, a temporary home for Brooklyn Whiskers bakery, and a creative, collaborative atmosphere for other entrepreneurs, organizations, events, and startups. The Bushwick chapter of the group Food Not Bombs regularly used the kitchen for food prep.

Magick City also became known for the curation of vibes it brought to the northernmost area of Greenpoint. Regular events included Weird Science, a music and art showcase promising a less conventional atmosphere than typical clubs; Trip Sittin’, an immersive dance party; Entertainment Tonight, a showcase of local DJs; sound baths, yoga, and more (they opened up as a “non-violent action space” with live coverage of the 2020 election, with a subsequent socially distanced dance party).

Since the announcement and its closing, Magick City’s comments and Instagram tags have been flooded with memories and mutual thanks to and from Awn and MC for the space they created over the years. Ten years of paying rent in North Brooklyn is no small feat.


We have yet to hear anything about what’s next for the space, but we can only hope it isn’t condos.

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