A few weeks ago, Gothamist reported how a luxury apartment building in the northernmost part of Greenpoint has been plagued with multiple natural gas leaks, which ultimately prompted a National Grid investigation.

Residents of Eleven33 reportedly complained to the management company Domain Companies for years, before finally bringing a formal complaint to National Grid. The energy conglomerate ultimately found multiple leaks in the building’s piping, leading them to shut off service. 

Without heat or cooking gas for so long, many residents resorted to withholding rent for several months. 87 tenants out of the building’s 210 units participated.

The Real Deal reports that tenants amassed over $500,000 in arrears, a hefty sum that Domain is currently attempting to get back. For their part, Domain said they had plumbers working on the issue around the clock and provided nightly catered dinners to shore up the lack of cooking gas.

“In a lawsuit filed last week, Domain asked a judge to force the 87 residents to pay the arrears, then determine how much free rent the tenants are entitled to,” according to The Real Deal, “The firm, which says gas service has been restored, is also seeking class-action status against the building’s tenant association.”


We’ll keep you updated on this story as we learn more.

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