No contract, no coffee!

Starbucks workers at the Williamsburg Reserve location (154 North 7th Street) went on strike this past Saturday. Greenpointers previously reported how that location successfully unionized in June, joining seven other unionized locations in New York City.

Workers across unionized Starbucks locations have said that Starbucks has dragged its feet on entering into good-faith negotiations in recognition of their union.

“Workers at the Williamsburg Reserve location allege that Starbucks has undertaken unilateral changes in hours and benefits, offered raises to workers at non-union locations but refused to raise the wages of union workers, chronically understaffed the location and failed to provide training to new hires, among other issues,” reads a press release from Starbucks Workers United.

City Council Member Lincoln Restler and City Comptroller Brad Lander showed up to lend their support to Saturday’s strike.


“Here in the northside of Williamsburg, we are a hotbed of union organizing,” Restler told CBS NY. “At Starbucks, here on North 7th Street, at Trader Joe’s on Kent, workers are standing up, organizing, and demanding better wages, better benefits.”

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  1. As Yogi taught us its deja vu all over again. Pre 1940 it was very much like it is today ie the robber barons ruled, ie de facto slave labor, then the unions took over, became inefficient, corrupt, fat and it went back to pre 1940.

    Now the cycle is coming back again.

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