According to the zeitgeist, cuffing season is drawing near. And if the general cuffing consensus is an October kickoff, that means draft day is right around the corner (follow Greenpointers for more hard-hitting sports commentary). Which is why one Craigslist Missed Connectioner seems to have the right idea in securing an autumnal romance.

With how hard the dating scene is, what better sign of a neighborhood love connection than similar taste in accessories? Especially when said accessory is North Brooklyn staple, the both cute and utterly practical tote bag (bonus points if they were both canvas). And sure, why not throw in a few reciprocated smiles for good measure?

While the area of Metropolitan wasn’t specified, the avenue boasts no shortage of date spots, from drinks, pizza, and trivia at The Rehearsal blueprint Alligator Lounge to sandwiches at Court Street Grocer to coveted steaks at St. Anselm and far beyond. Or the couple can hop on the G (assuming it’s running) to foray even further into Greenpoint. Call us crazy, but we hope they make it.

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