Kristen Gonzalez, a tech worker whose campaign was supported by the Democratic Socialists of America, declared victory in the Democratic primary for State Senate District 59.

With more than 95% of the votes counted, Gonzalez garnered 58% of the vote total and performed particularly well in Brooklyn. Challenger Elizabeth Crowley earned 33%, with Mike Corbett receiving 6.35%.

Gonzalez earned the backing of almost every elected official in the district, including Greenpoint’s own Assemblymember Emily Gallagher and Council Member Lincoln Restler. She received a coveted endorsement from Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which especially carries weight in the parts of the district that overlap with AOC.

Elizabeth Crowley/image courtesy of her campaign

The second round of redistricting produced a new Senate district that largely seemed to consolidate progressive strongholds such as Astoria and Greenpoint, though how that would actually translate into votes was unknown until last night.

Elizabeth Crowley heavily outspent her opponents, amassing a war chest of $500,000. Though she pledged against taking money from real estate developers, campaign finance records show that her campaign received donations from Republican lobbyists, landlords, and real estate professionals.


Voters likely noticed a heavy advertising campaign and mail campaign, paid by NYC Forward, which THE CITY defines as “an independent expenditure committee.” Television ads promulgating a crime-ridden image of New York City garnered some controversy, though Crowley attempted to distance herself from the ads, as they came from the PAC and not directly from her campaign.

Representative Nydia Velazquez, who now represents Greenpoint, handily won her reelection campaign with 84.3% of the vote. Former Greenpoint representative Carolyn Maloney lost to Jerrold Nadler, after redistricting combined the east and west sides of Manhattan.

The general election is November 8.

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  1. Thus person is not a Democrat, but solid socialist, we can hope that these socialists can be held to New York, where people seem to be happy with them. I don’t understand hiw the teamsters union members can support a socialist I guess they are not real Americans.

  2. I don’t get it. Hipsters in my district on local blogs are always complaining about muggings, dangerous violent people on the street, robberies etc. etc. but they elect this socialist who is all for eliminating most bail and letting repeat dangerous criminals back on the street sometimes the same day.

    I mean we don’t want another Rudy G, ie shoot first and ask questions later but also don’t want the other extreme.

    I don’t get it. Are they that ignorant?

  3. Tech worker? Seriously? Kristen is a manager at Amex. Maybe she’s managing tech workers but learn the difference between workers and management. Unbelievable.

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