TikTok may be trying to convince the masses that low-rise pants are back in, but we’re not so sure. And neither are comedians Alex Kumin and Julia Shiplett. In fact, as far as they’re concerned, the higher, the better, which partially inspired their monthly standup show, Highwaisted.

“It’s interesting how so much Y2K and early-’00s style is back now, and we love parts of that, but we also came of age during that time, for better or for worse,” Kumin explained. “There are some things we never want to return to like low-rise jeans, so the name of our show is kind of a celebration of our ages and the era we’re in as women. We hope our audiences can connect to that spirit.”

Tonight, August 11 at 8 p.m., don your highest-rise pants and join Kumin and Shiplett at Crystal Lake (647 Grand St.) for a lineup featuring Courtney Bee (Wild N’ Out, That Damn Michael Che on HBO Max, Comedy Cellar), Petey DeAbreu (Comedy Central), Carmen Lagala (The Late Show With Stephen Colbert), LeClerc Andre (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), and Carly Kane (The Laugh Factory).

“During a night out with a few friends, the two of us found ourselves in the back of Crystal Lake dancing by ourselves with full control of the sound system. Very quickly, we were like, ‘Wait, this would be a great room for a comedy show,'” Kumin recalled of the show’s inception.

“Since we’ve both been doing standup for a long time, it’s nice sharing a show that doesn’t feel too high pressure and lets us blend our different comedic tastes and communities while getting to share a stage every month. Crystal Lake has been really lovely to work with, too — the relationship between performers and venues can sometimes be tricky, especially in a city like New York where there are so many events every night, so it feels special to have found a spot that’s so supportive.”


What sets the show apart from others, according to Kumin, is what she calls the “proper millennial” perspective compared to many of the younger comics on the scene today (she and Shiplett are both in their 30s, which as a recent 30-year-old I can attest makes you feel a thousand in some local haunts). But she also credits the array of talent they work to book on any given month.

“What we care about most is showcasing people we think are really funny. We think a good comedy show is a lot like a good meal — each audience member might have their favorite dish of the night, but in general the whole meal should include a variety of delicious things,” Kumin said.

And if the promise of laughs wasn’t enough to convince you to attend, the audience member wearing the highest waist will also be rewarded a free drink. But Google was confused by my search for “highest high-waist pants,” so, no spoilers (sorry).

“Camel toes welcome!” Kumin concluded.

Get your tickets here.

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