Freddy’s Food Market (257 Driggs Ave.) is closing at the end of the month, much to the dismay of the neighborhood.

This cozy, but well-stocked market served its Greenpoint neighbors well throughout the pandemic and will be missed. Freddy’s sells a wide variety of necessities, including baby and pet products, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, deli items, beer, coffee, tea, frozen foods, dairy products, household supplies, and a lot more. 

The well-stocked interior of Freddy’s Food Market. Photo: Julia Moak

Greenpointers remembers that during the early days of the lockdown, Freddy’s never ran out of toilet paper, like so many other spots.

The property at 257 Driggs Avenue that currently houses Freddy’s has been sold and is slated to be new residential apartments.

Based on social media comments, the neighborhood is devastated. Resounding negative feedback shows that locals collectively feel that the area doesn’t need more residential buildings and does need affordable shopping options like Freddy’s.

The well-stocked interior of Freddy’s Food Market. Photo: Julia Moak

Freddy’s expects to be open through the end of May. Stop by, shop, and bid farewell every day until May 31 from 8 a.m. to midnight.

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  1. I live around the corner, and as a local, looking at the cost of housing in the neighborhood, I feel that the area _desperately_ needs more residential buildings. It is prohibitively expensive to live here now, both as a buyer and as a renter.

    It is also worth pointing out that Freddy’s, while a very convenient supermarket for those nearby, is not at all affordable! It is probably the most expensive grocery store in our part of Greenpoint.

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