It’s no secret that the past few years have brought unprecedented challenges to our health and mental well-being. As COVID-19 spread throughout the world, our corner of North Brooklyn was not immune to the pandemic’s impact as we went into lockdown and quarantined. While much needed attention was given to our physical health, less attention was given to our need to cope with resulting feelings of fear and isolation. In the course of covering news in the community, many neighbors and local businesses continue to reach out to us at Greenpointers with their struggles. And while we do our best to build a sense of connectedness through trusted news, true healing and rebuilding is best supported through the work of trained professionals such as local psychotherapy practice, Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services located at 117 Dobbin Street.

Inside the offices of Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services

With over 25 psychotherapists, Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services (or Brooklyn Integrative for short) focuses on the struggles of each individual. As a NYC-native, founder Marie Mercado (PsyD, MS) sought to build a practice that speaks to this city’s unique identity, which providers often do not seem to fully understand. “I wrote my dissertation on what adults with intersecting identities including bisexuality found helpful or unhelpful about their therapist and their treatment. From my own experience working in every borough in several industries, hanging out in myriad scenes and cultures, I knew that the only way to be a great therapist would be to expose myself to every walk of life. I also learned about as many modalities and techniques as possible in order to promote the most understanding, attunement, and treatment for each client,” said Dr. Mercado.

Inside Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services

Now as a group practice owner, Dr. Mercado helps other psychotherapists develop their skills and clinical acumen while providing a great place to work, including employment benefits, which promotes longevity and career stability. Each therapist has a different psychotherapy style augmented by training in various clinical areas, such as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples/relationships (EFT), and treatment for trauma and emotional regulation, in order to serve a diverse clientele. But they all take a holistic approach to improving mental health by first carefully listening to who you are and what you are struggling with. Treatment takes into consideration many life variables such as culture, identity, nutrition, physical health, pharmacology, and environment.

Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression, attentional difficulties, career issues, relationship problems, cultural issues, identity issues, or healing from past traumas, Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services has the support you need. Learn more about Brooklyn Integrative’s services and specialties here.

To get started, email or call (646) 881-0305 to speak with their Client Care Coordinator.


Sponsored by Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services, PLLC

Brooklyn Integrative Psychological Services is a team of psychotherapists offering integrative psychodynamic psychotherapy and relationship counseling to adults, couples, and adolescents.

We are a group practice of compassionate and judgment-free psychotherapists and counselors who specialize in cultivating close, long-term therapeutic relationships with diverse and underrepresented populations, such as those from creative subcultures, intersecting minority identities, and non-traditional lifestyles and identities. We prioritize ongoing learning and exploration of our own mental processes, in conjunction with learning traditional evidence-based psychotherapies.

Limited sliding scale is available and we can work with your insurance benefits in order to minimize your out of pocket costs. We are currently in-network with Aetna and now Cigna!

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