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If you’ve been wondering why the water tower was suddenly painted orange, then wonder no more — it’s to commemorate a new Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 exhibition.

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While the collab between the two iconic brands is all fine and dandy for folks who can drop thousands (yes, thousands!) on sneakers, the rest of us plebs will be able to enjoy the style through a local exhibition running at Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse (73 West Street) from May 20 – 31.

Image via Author GSAPPstudent/Wikimedia Commons

The late Virgil Abloh designed the shoes, forty-seven of which will be on display at the exhibition. And the hype for this long-awaited collaboration is real. Earlier this year, “two-hundred exclusive pairs were sold at auction at Sotheby’s in February to benefit the Virgil Abloh ‘Post-Modern’ Scholarship Fund and raised $25.3 million, far eclipsing the $3 million estimate for the lot,” Women’s Wear Daily reports.

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The exhibition will celebrate Abloh’s enormous impact on the fashion industry and highlight the relationship between hip-hop and style. It will be open to the public, though other details (such as ticketing) are limited at this time.

Photo by @jungkimphoto (via Instagram)

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  1. It was awesome to experience. If your a fan it’s a must go. Scratch the comments above as they don’t know anything nor probably went. So what if they are using it as that as it’s been used for other events.

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