Did you hear those big, booming noises last night? Scrolling through social media last night, it was evident that many Greenpoint neighbors heard something strange going on.

Was it thunder? A bowling alley in the sky? Was it a mass delusion?

Not gonna lie, this made me feel like Batman, being called to respond to a crisis.

The real answer is a little less interesting. The noises were eventually traced back to a nearby ConEd building. It is likely that they were releasing some steam, though ConEd themselves have yet to confirm this.

In January 2017, ABC 7 reported similar loud noises heard on the Upper East Side, with ConEd confirming to them that “it was a defective steam valve which then triggered a safety valve/safety system and that is what caused steam and loud noise.”

“The safety valve worked the way it was supposed to,” Con Ed said.


Greenpointers has reached out to ConEd for comment. We will update the story when we learn more.

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