• A representative from the Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access kicked off the meeting by…showing a YouTube video. Here is that YouTube video.
  • A Board member addressed the fact that Deputy Chief John Chell, who was convicted of killing Ortanzso Bovell in a civil trial and now oversees the detectives office of Brooklyn North, is now investigating the recent murder of Bovell’s brother Orenszo. This represents a major conflict of interest. 
  • CB1 reviewed proposed changes to a development site at the old Domino Sugar Factory. Two Trees will develop the site into a residential building. 
  • A constituent addressed the damage to the green space at Cooper Park caused by unleashed dogs overrunning the park. Ironically, a dog owner representing a group of dog owners who frequently use Cooper Park spoke right after. 
  • A lawyer requested that the Board delay a vote on the transportation proposal in order to allow Broadway Stages the opportunity to participate in a discussion. 
  • Then came the committee reports. First was the report from Land Use/Landmarks. This one was spicy! The group had discussed a proposal from someone turning a landmarked building into a private home at Fillmore Place. I won’t name names, but a certain committee member threatened to resign if this proposal went through. A committee member called his remarks “disingenuous.” Then Chairwoman Dealice Fuller responded by calling him by the wrong name. Conflict!
  • Discussion about the hotel in the East Williamsburg industrial zone from last month’s meeting (25 Stewart). Seems like they voted to approve the project.
  • Then it was time for Board nominations at 8 p.m. Everyone was renominated for their current position.
  • The environmental committee brought to the attention of CB1 a newsletter from National Grid, touting their new fossil-free energy initiative.
  • The transportation committee asked CB1 to draft a letter of support for making changes to Graham Avenue with the following recommendations: “additional lighting where possible, additional bike parking, review current daylighting and add daylighting where possible” Motion carried. 
  • They also discussed illegal parking on Kingsland Avenue near the water treatment plant. DOT will be repaving the area soon, so the committee says that it would be a good time for them to redesign. Legal parking spaces would be added, as well as a protected bike lane, according to the DOT’s plan. There were competing motions, and people were confused. I’m confused. And we’ll do it all again next month!

See it all for yourself here.

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  1. How much more parking will they take away from us…bike parking everywhere…return it to us, neighbors not talking to neighbors bec it’s Dodge City mentality over losing miso many spots plus ridiculous meters under expressway!

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