There are few finer rites of passage for a local business than being the backdrop of a Missed Connection. And for Chino Grande (co-owned by Win Son and Win Son Bakery co-owner Josh Ku) at 253 Grand St, that milestone comes only two weeks after opening.

According to this long-time Craigslist reader, first-time Craigslist poster and self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, a smiling stranger caught their eye across the bar and sparked a deluge of wonder, not unlike the flowing cocktails on Chino Grande’s menu, including the gin-centric Pocket Sage and summer-friendly (and aptly named, in this case) Shy Siren.

And while said author was focused on what the target of their affection’s name is and favorite activities are, we can’t help but wonder if either party partook in anything on the food menu, which ranges from veggie fried rice to lobster au poivre.

Regardless, there would be no better way for these potential lovers to smile at each other over a karaoke mic at Chino Grande.

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