On April 28, Angels Cafe opened its doors at 103 N 7th St. in hopes of feeding hungry neighbors of all kinds in partnership with North Brooklyn Angels.

Angels Cafe owner Francesco Tamburiello’s background in volunteerism, food service, and beverages (as the founder of Miracle Sea Buckthorn Organic, a line of juices utilizing the superfood sea buckthorn plant) drove him to cook up the idea of Angels Cafe, which donates 40% of its profits to North Brooklyn Angels.

“Tamburiello was cooking for [North Brooklyn Angels] three times a week. And during this time while he was cooking to help communities and the homeless, he came up with that idea and said ‘Hey, why not create a cafe that can actually cook the breakfast part for the community?'” Ana Maria Camejo, who runs Angels Cafe’s marketing, recalled.

The cafe serves up coffee and organic bagels on a to-go basis and, aside from donating a percentage of its profit. North Brooklyn Angels volunteers are on site daily to prepare fifty breakfasts to be distributed throughout the community. Customers can also make additional donations.

“In this neighborhood, it is so amazing in terms of creativity, art, energy, there is a lot of passion all around,” Camejo said. “But also, there are a lot of people who are struggling a lot, especially [due to] the pandemic. So it’s important that right now we’re thinking ‘Hey, we are one, and we definitely need to help each other.’ That’s the main goal.”


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