Well, there’s certainly no shortage of material from which to pull!

The end of May will see the premiere of Our Voices Seen and Heard: A First Hand Account, “an exhibit of artifacts from 50 years of protest, activism and victories in the communities of Williamsburg and Greenpoint Brooklyn.” 

There are two opening receptions to commemorate the event. A reception on Friday, May 20 invites neighbors to converse and learn from one another at El Museo de Los Sures (120 S. 1st Street). El Museo de Los Sures will host the bulk of the artifacts from the collection, such as posters, signs, and flyers. Below are some excerpts from the collection:

(Images courtesy of Kate Yourke)

Another reception at Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center on May 26 requires advance registration, so sign up soon! The library will display items in their cabinets, so expect smaller items like buttons and t-shirts. Guests will enjoy a screening of the 1992 PBS documentary “Earthkeeping: A Call to Action,” with a discussion to follow. 


The exhibit is being organized by Southside United HDFC – Los Sures (El Museo de Los Sures) in partnership with the Greenpoint Library and Education Center.

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