It’s the end of an era for attending events without leaving the comfort of your neighborhood. Brooklyn Expo Center is no more and will be replaced by…a ninja gym.

Home to numerous fairs celebrating crafts, coffee, beer, records, art, and by far the weirdest place I have ever gotten tested for COVID (only one person was working in that entire building!), Brooklyn Expo Center was a great neighborhood gathering space, although it’s not hard to figure out why an event space would eventually shutter its doors during a global pandemic.

Many residents found out about the closure through the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, who quietly alerted eager attendees on Facebook that their New York-based event would be held in….New Jersey. Though the Expo Center themselves maintain a very low-key social media presence, their website shows no upcoming events.

But prospective buyers wasted no time scooping up the space for themselves. Already listing their address as Noble Street before officially opening, Ferox Athletics will take over the space. “Ferox Athletics is the biggest professional ninja training facility on the East Coast for adults and kids,” their website reads. “40,000+ square feet including: ninja warrior courses and obstacles, the biggest pro calisthenics set up in New York City, a modular parkour setup designed for people of any skill level, a massive trampoline arena, and a full-size cafe and juice bar.”

No opening date is listed yet, but Ferox Athletics has already started renovating the space.


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