Following the success of their previous two shows, Liminality and Underworld Radio, Vol. 1, the Museum of Future Experiences (MoFE) is hosting their newest show, Gnosis, in their ambisonic/VR theater, in which they will examine the question: “Who am I?”

Similar to Liminality, Gnosis uses spatialized stereo to give the audience a three-dimensional sound experience, alongside a virtual reality ride.

Image courtesy of the MoFE Instagram

What is MoFE?

“MoFE is a physical venue and production studio for high-tech immersive experiences. Exploring mediums such as VR and Spatialized Sound, MoFE creates intimate sensorial experiences that bend the mind and touch the human spirit. Our goal is to show you something you’ve never seen before.” 

Courtesy of MoFE

Check out the trailer here.

Here’s what to expect:


The experience begins by asking for a selection of your values. You can only pick three from the presented list. Family and friends? To learn and evolve? To help others? To make an impact? the list goes on. Additional introspective questions set the tone for the experience, and just after you’ve had enough time to contemplate your existence, you’re brought into the theater for the ambisonic/VR show.  

“The show features two immersive works, beginning with Forest of the Mind by MoFE, an original 3D sound composition accompanied by a closed-eye VR experience. Inspired by the hypnagogic effects of the 1950s Dreamachine, the closed-eyed VR portion is intended to enhance the listening experience, deepening immersion and relaxation. But guests won’t have their eyes closed the whole time. The show culminates with a visual masterpiece: the award-winning VR experience Strands of Mind by Adrian Meyer.”

Courtesy of MoFE
Photograph courtesy of the MoFE website

The first audio component walks you through a forest of your own consciousness, followed by visual representation in the VR lens using bright colors and intricate imagery, aiming to achieve a cutting-edge, space-age approach to a timeless question.

As previously mentioned, MoFE stands for Museum of Future Experiences — and that’s exactly what they offer. VR (to those who may be new to it) can feel like a rather out-of-body experience, which in this case, might just be the goal.

Warning: this show is not appropriate for anyone with epilepsy, or other light/photo sensitivities. The strobe effects and fast-moving visuals might also upset anyone susceptible to motion sickness. 

“Who am I?” Are you your values? Your experiences? Your goals and aspirations? Or perhaps just a bunch of everchanging atoms, as this mysterious, sci-fi experience might lead you to believe? Decide for yourself: Gnosis will be running every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from April 15 through May 29 at 148 Grand St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tickets are available here.


Forest of the Mind
3D Sound Composition + Closed-Eye Virtual Reality
Featuring excerpts of “Conversation with Myself” by Alan Watts

Strands of Mind
Virtual Reality Experience
By Adrian Meyer

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