• Councilmember Lincoln Restler gave updates from his office, such as the recent funding coming to the Superfund site program and the previous night’s meeting on the NuHart Plastics Factory State Superfund site. He and other volunteers have been canvassing different apartment buildings to inform tenants of their rights as a new landlord takes over their building.
  • Moonrise Ventures gave a presentation on their revival of the North 3rd Food Hall in Williamsburg, which they say will be new and improved. The food hall will house young, chef-driven dining concepts. They are applying for one liquor license to cover the entire establishment, as individual operators won’t be able to serve their own alcoholic beverages. It would be an all-day establishment serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Board members brought up concerns about noise and asked whether the group had solicited input from community members. Board members also wanted to know if the group planned to extend job opportunities to locals.
  • Fine and Raw Chocolates is applying for a liquor license for its event space. There was some confusion from board members about how Fine and Raw had previously been allowed to serve alcohol, and how they were being granted temporary permits.
  • Then other liquor licensing concerns were brought up. Allison McGuffin who spoke to Greenpointers a couple of weeks ago about her concerns with the proposed bar space Estereo also brought up these concerns to the board.
  • There was a discussion about the budget. Board members brought up projects they’d like to see funded, such as composting, and lights in McCarren Park.
  • A large discussion ensued about ramps being installed in Williamsburg Houses. A few board members wanted to ensure that tenants were properly notified and informed of the project in more than just a superficial way, and they debated about whether or not this goal had been met. A suggestion was made to make sure the head of the tenants’ association had a meeting with the housing committee.
  • The environmental committee made their report. The group voted to send a comment to Office of Environmental Remediation highlighting their concerns about the Brownfield remediation of 83 Apollo Street, which will be a homeless shelter. They talked about the recent ConEd spikes and came to a consensus that they should also send a letter to Governor Hochul and ConEd.
  • A representative of the parks informed the Board that Marcia P. Johnson State Park’s new operating hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The representative also noted that a tree had recently been damaged and will have to be replaced.

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