If you’re looking to stretch out and work on your core, Greenpoint Pilates Studio (61 Greenpoint Avenue) might have just the thing for you. The studio opened this month and offers private sessions, duets, and small group mat classes.

More advanced students will enjoy the Peak Pilates reformer/tower units, a Balanced Body Studio Line High Chair and Ladder Barrel, mats, and an array of props.

The space’s prime location on Greenpoint Avenue lets in a lot of natural light, which immediately puts you at ease. As a relative newcomer to Pilates, I was nervous about using the machines for the first time, but owner and instructor Allyn Wong is a great motivator and had me going in no time. Because the space is small, even in a group setting you won’t be surrounded by a ton of people, which is great for both COVID-19 and self-esteem reasons (just me?). Check out our Q&A with Wong, below:

How would you describe your approach and philosophy regarding Pilates?

My approach and philosophy is that Pilates, as a movement practice, is joyful and informative! I teach Classical Pilates, and as a system, it is such a beautiful form of intelligent and invigorating exercise that is endlessly adaptable. 


What can guests expect from a session at Greenpoint Pilates Studio?

I often combine Classical Pilates with modern exercise principles so all clients can walk in the door and expect an exploratory and fulfilling session tailored towards how the experience can challenge them and help them achieve their personal goals. Consistency is key – the more you put in, the more you get out of it! I believe that with steady practice, anyone can walk away with a renewed sense of self awareness that helps them enjoy life with zest!

What do you like about being in Greenpoint?

I’ve been in Greenpoint for almost a decade, so I’ve seen the community change a fair bit – and I’m continuously impressed! We’ve got the small-city feel, and even as Greenpoint grows, it continues to radiate with amazing, generous, and creative people who live here and thankfully, share their talents with the rest of us! I love Greenpoint for the level of community that is apparent on each block, and I feel lucky to share this little corner of the world with individuals who show up for themselves, each other, and the world at large. 

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