The Other Art Fair is back at The Brooklyn Expo Center this weekend celebrating its 10th anniversary!

What is The Other Art Fair?

Ten years and running, The Other Art Fair bridges the gap between talented artists and art lovers alike. An international success, The Other Art Fair plans annual visits in Chicago, London, Dallas, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Sydney, Toronto, and of course, Brooklyn. 

This year, the Brooklyn edition of The Other Art Fair will take place at The Brooklyn Expo Center from November 4th-7th with 130 artists selected to showcase their works. With such a wide variety of styles, prices, and interdisciplinary talents, there truly is something for everyone. 

The Inspiration

Ever thought about wanting to start your own art collection? Ever wished you knew where to look? When Ryan Stainer founded The Other Art Fair, he did so with the intention of creating a community in which a younger generation of art buyers could feel in touch with art and artists that inspire them. The Other Art Fair makes unique, distinguished art accessible, and gives those artists the opportunity to grow within their community.

Guest & Featured Artists

This year’s guest artist is none other than Hatecopy! 


“From themes of pre-pandemic nostalgia and spaces that once brought us joy and closeness, emerges Hatecopy’s Saathi Arcade; a fully interactive experience fusing South Asian pop art, 80’s arcades, underground carrom clubs, digital media and more.”

The Other Art Fair website

The artist’s name, Hatecopy, was created out of her hate for being a copywriter. After leaving a copywriting job in advertisement, Maria Qamar’s art has gained massive popularity for its bright, lively colors, its commentary on topics related to social justice, and South Asian culture, and its comic book style design.   

This year’s featured artist is Anna Marie Tendler!

“Following her success at the Los Angeles edition of The Other Art Fair, multidisciplinary artist Anna Marie Tendler will showcase her latest photography series entitled “Rooms in the First House,” offering framed master works, editioned fine art prints, small posters, as well as her handmade vintage lamps.”

The Other Art Fair website

In addition to being a photographer and textile artist, Anna Marie Tendler is also an illustrator, a painter, and an interior designer. Plus, she received a Masters degree in fashion and textile history. Most of her work involves a combination of these talents, and select works will be available at The Other Art Fair.

The Local Artists

In addition to being a local event, there are also a number of Brooklyn-based artists involved. Some of those names include Tali Margolin, Evan Ishmael, Elisa Valenti, Edna Carty, Tucker Eason, Allison Harrell, AJ Springer, Heather Abshire, Xan Pardon, Ana Marie Velasco, Francis Minien, Alejandro Aboli, Patrick Keefe, and Jacyln Mottola, just to name a few. 

For the full list of local artists and images of their work, click here.  

New Futures

In an effort to support new artists, the New Futures Class of 2021 features up and coming artists and awards each the opportunity to sell their work with the assistance of exhibition space sponsorship and mentorship. 

The Brooklyn New Futures are Caroline Boreri, Watson Mere, and Wenlu Bao. 

Click here to discover the entire New Futures Class of 2021. 

Other Artists To Look For

In addition to the guest & featured artists, the local artists, and the new futures, there are a few handpicked artists that curators and panelists suggest you keep your eye on. 

These include: Jessica Alazraki, Jean Rim, Sasha Yosselani, David Rockwell, Twig Lips, Allison Harrell, and Jenna Cable

Plus, Director Sophie Lucas is especially excited about the work of Giovanni Martins. 

Interactive Art

Bluestone Babe Hand Poke Tattoos: Flash tattoos by Rosa Bluestone Perr will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

The Draw on the Way: Portraits of patrons will be drawn spontaneously by illustrator Sarah Nisbett to showcase the evolving nature and inspiring presence of art, everywhere we go. 

8 Ball Radio: Entertainment will be provided by 8 Ball Radio, with music selected from a variety of in-house DJs. 

Curator Tours: If you’d like a guide for your The Other Art Fair experience, Saatchi Art has your back. Art curator India Balyejusa has a different agenda for each day of the exhibit to focus on different aspects of the artists and your interests. 

  • Thursday, November 4: ‘Ones To Watch’ from 7pm-7.30pm
  • Friday, November 5: ‘Focus on Photography’ from 7pm-7.30pm
  • Saturday, November 6: ‘Focus on Prints’ from 2pm-2.30pm
  • Sunday, November 7: ‘Focus on Originals’ from 2pm-2.30pm

Additional Exhibitions

Other art friend organizations will be showcasing pop-up experiences. This includes the New Futures exhibition, plus ‘Gowanus — In Perspective/In the Abstract’ and ‘ArTech Collective.’  

“Arts Gowanus has curated a small sampling of the amazing work made in Gowanus and divided artists into two categories; those who work figuratively and those who work abstractly. Arts Gowanus is a not-for-profit organization working to support, promote, and advocate for local artists and a sustainable arts community in Brooklyn.” 

Gowanus — In Perspective

“Founded by AHRC NYC, ArTech Collective provides opportunities for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop and express themselves through inclusive, innovative and accessible approaches to traditional and new media.”

ArTech Collective

Plan Your Visit

Tickets are on sale now ranging from $18-$35. For guests 21 years or older, each ticket also comes with two complimentary Bombay Sapphire drink tickets. 

Visitors must show proof of vaccination. Masks are encouraged, though not required, unless you’ve only had one shot of the COVID vaccine in which case masks are required at all times. 

Hours of operation are as follows:

  • Thursday, November 4 (private viewing): 6pm-10pm
  • Friday, November 5: 3pm-10pm
  • Saturday, November 6: 11am-7pm
  • Sunday, November 7: 11am-6pm
Photo courtesy of The Other Art Fair

And Yes, There’s Food!

The Bombay Sapphire bar will be providing the signature event cocktail, and will also be serving beer, wine, and soft drinks. Nadas NYC will be selling their specialty Columbian empanadas. 

Virtual Editions

If you cannot make it in person, there will be a global virtual fair November 8th-29th. Click here to register.

How To Join The Community

If you’re an aspiring artist and would like to get involved in The Other Art Fair community, keep an eye out for the 2022 application openings. For all Brooklynites, click here to stay in the loop.

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