Trick or Treating is back for 2021, and Greenpoint kids are excited. Some residents skipped Halloween last year for healthy and safety reasons, but given that most Halloween activities, like trick or treating, are mainly done outdoors, Dr. Fauci has given parents permission to participate. 

After a year off, you might need a refresher on Greenpoint’s best trick or treating locations. So, here is a list of the best routes in the neighborhood. As Dr. Fauci said, “go out there and enjoy Halloween!”

OPTION 1: Greenpoint’s Decorated Brownstones

The most traditional type of trick or treating is done house to house in residential areas. But in New York, children mostly trick or treat from brownstone to brownstone. Greenpoint is home to some of New York’s most charming streets lined with heavily decorated brownstones, indicating some of the city’s best trick or treating. 

Halloween decorations on India Street.

The first option highlights residential streets between Franklin St. and Manhattan Ave. The tiny intersection of Guernsey and Oak Streets, with loads of magical decorations, is the perfect place to start. For most of the year, Oak is is an incredibly charming street, but it turns decidedly creepy during the Halloween season. 

Halloween decorations on Oak Street.

After trick or treating at the brownstones lining Oak Street, turn right on Franklin St. and make your way up and down the blocks going North. The best section is between Oak and Huron Streets.

OPTION 2: Greenpoint’s Park Residences

A second residential area of Greenpoint for fantastic trick or treating is adjacent to McGolrick Park. Russell Street, lining the West portion of the park is a great place to kick off trick or treating. Several brownstones along the park showcase elaborate, over-the-top decorations. 

Halloween decorations on Russell Street.

A block over from Russell is Humboldt Street with one of the creepiest houses in the neighborhood. The decorations might be too intense for young trick or treaters but older children might really enjoy this block. After Humboldt, you can hit brownstones on Diamond and Newel Streets before circling back to McGorlick Park and Monitor Street via Nassau Ave. On Nassau, don’t miss treats from the small shops. 

OPTION 3: Greenpoint Local Businesses

Speaking of shops, a unique New York Halloween experience is trick or treating at stores and restaurants. Franklin Street is a popular commercial route. There are plenty of stores that have confirmed they will be open and handing out candy. The best blocks on Franklin are between Oak and Eagle Streets.

Word Bookstore on Franklin near Milton Street confirmed that they will be outside the store in costume (and masks) handing out candy. Alter, a clothing store on Franklin near Greenpoint Ave., also confirmed they will be giving out candy.

A detour up Greenpoint Ave. would be worth it to hit Lockwood, a fun store in the middle of the block that confirmed they will be also handing out candy.

OPTION 4: The Greenpoint Children’s Parade

Another popular commercial route follows the Greenpoint Children’s Halloween Parade, which is on Saturday, October 30th this year. The route starts at 177 Kent Street, between Manhattan Ave. and McGuinness Blvd. Families walk one block over to Manhattan Ave., down Manhattan Ave. to Nassau Ave. and back to Kent Street. 

A Day of the Dead-inspired mural at Friducha on Manhattan Ave.

This route allows children to trick or treat at the multitude of stores and restaurants on Manhattan Ave. between Kent and Nassau. If you’re not tired after this route, continue along Manhattan Ave. past Kent St. toward Dupont St., where more stores and restaurants will be handing out candy.

OPTION 5: Greenpoint Commercial Districts

Similarly, the streets heavily lined with stores in North Williamsburg are a great trick or treating option. The best blocks are Bedford and Berry Streets between Metropolitan Ave. and North 11th St. Each small block in between also has stores worth the trip.

Another great option in Williamsburg is Graham Ave. between Richardson St. and Metropolitan Ave.

OPTION 6: Greenpoint’s Towers

Another unique New York Halloween experience is trick or treating in large residential buildings. This is an especially great option if the weather is not ideal for walking around. 

Trick or treating inside a residential building. Look Mom, no coats!

Usually, this is limited to your own building, but sometimes friends can accompany residents. Many buildings did not allow trick or treating last year for health and safety reasons, but some have confirmed that this year, trick or treating is back.

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